Medium Topic Insights is the perfect companion to your writing experience for Medium.com.

Get insights into the topics that you have chosen for your article;

find the widest audience;

let your voice be heard.

Target the Medium.com topics so that your article gets the most readership

“Make the most of your writing on Medium by knowing which topics you should choose to target the exact audience with the most readership.”

  • Become a well-read writer on Medium
  • Gain more followers by writing for topics that the largest number of people are reading
  • Find the best topic
  • See inspiration for topics that are growing, or need more writers (professional version)
  • Browse the best topics - and see related topics that may be of interest
  • See the number of followers, writer󠀣s, and stories for each topic
  • Get recommendations for the topics that have the most reach
  • Up-to-date topic statistics
Ensure that you are choosing the most suitable and widely followed topics.

On the story settings page, it will tell you your potential audience reach and suggest related tags.

Regular version (FREE FOR LIFE): Contains 84 topics - all topics with over one million followers, and those that were previously marked as 'Top Writer' topics.

Upgrade to the Professional version! You have invested in the Medium platform, and now you can invest in ensuring that you have exactly the right topics for your story. Covering more than 800 topics so you can pinpoint the exact audience that you are looking for.


Regular version
  • A list of the 'Top Writer' topics and topics with over 1,000,000 followers containing details of the number of followers, stories, and writers.
  • Search, filter, and sort topics so that you can choose the correct one.
  • Evaluate the topics that you have added to your story to see what the possible audience reach would be.
  • Browse and filter related and recommended topics based on the current topics on your page.
Professional version

In addition to the regular version…

  • Contains over 800 topics - all the topics with over 1,000 followers containing details of the number of followers, stories, and writers.
  • For topics that have less than 1000 followers - suggestions are made for better topics
  • See inspiration for your writing, targeting topics that have the greatest growth, or need more stories or writers.

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