Author Evaluator

Author evaluator tab

The author evaluator tab is where you control who you want to follow or ignore.

There are four functions available on this tab:

1. Individually evaluate authors

Evaluate 616 authors - individually evaluate an Author.


  1. If you click this button, you will be shown a screen which will allow you to evaluate every author, one by one.
  2. See the section below titled 'Author evaluator individual' for details
2. Clear authors

Clear 616 authors - set all of the authors to the FOLLOWED status


  1. If you click this button, all current authors will be set to FOLLOWED and you will not be able to change this.
  2. The text shown below the button will indicate what settings have been enabled and the impact to the authors
    • The amount of time to wait before evaluating authors
    • The limit of followers to have before evaluating authors Professional version only
3. Refresh authors

Refresh follow(ers/ing) - refresh your followers and people that you follow.


  1. In the free version, you may refresh your followers and followings once a day (i.e. every 24 hours)
  2. In the professional version, you may refresh your followers and followings at any time
  3. The text shown below the button will indicate when you will be allowed to refresh your followers/followings

Settings that affect this functioning of this tab:

  • View stories from known authors - whether you wish to continue to see stories from known authors - default set to off
  • Evaluate authors after: - How many days to keep the author in the TO_BE_EVALUATED state before evaluating - default is set to Never
  • Evaluate authors when you are following more than: - Professional version only - The minimum number of authors to keep until you evaluate authors - default is set to 0

Author evaluator individual

The author evaluator individual screen is where you individually choose whether to continue to follow a person, or add them to the IGNORE status.

The details shown about the author

  • The author name
  • The author bio
  • The number of followers and followings of the author
  • Whether the author is following you back - Professional version only
  • Check author activity - Professional version only

Check Author activity - Professional version only - this evaluates up to the last ten stories and provids the last published date and, approximately, how often the Author publishes a story.

View author profile page

View Author profile page - this will open a new browser window for the author's profile on You may then choose to unfollow them, or leave them as is.

I have unfollowed this author

I have unfollowed this Author - this will mark the author as IGNORED


  1. this button is disabled until you click on the 'View Author profile page'. You may then select whether you want to unfollow the author through the website.
Continue following

If you wish continue to follow this author

Continue following - this will mark the author as FOLLOWED


  1. If you continue to follow an author and you have selected the 'View stories from known authors' toggle swith on the settings page, then stories from this author will continue to be shown in your story evaluator.

This will close this screen without marking the current author as IGNORED or FOLLOWED. You will then have the opportunity to evaluate this story and Author at a later date.

Done - close this screen and go back to the 'Evaluate author tab' screen