We love code... and we love Medium.com

There are two sides to the Medium.com experience, the reading and the writing, and we have you covered on both.

On the reading side:

The Maxiumiser Desktop application (Windows and MacOS) is the easiest way to find new stories from new authors.

Find stories and authors, interact with them ~ (clap, comment, and read), to help you grow your engagement with them.

On the writing side:

The Medium Topic Insights (Google Chrome plugin) helps to ensure that you are selecting the correct topics for the stories that you write. The topics that are suggested have the largest number of followers, so that when you publish, you are giving your story the best chance to get in front of the largest viewership.

Here are our projects

The perfect companions for Medium.com

Medium Topic Insights

Escape the filter bubble on Medium.com.

  1. Find new Authors on Medium.com.
  2. Easily interact with them ~ follow, clap, read, comment
  3. Evaluate Authors for the best fit with your reading profile.
For those that are looking for the easiest way to find and interact with authors on medium.com

  • Import your followers and followings
  • Find new stories from new authors that you have not read or interacted with
  • Evaluate stories based on the number of followers that the author has
  • Select the topics that suit you the best

Medium Topic Insights For Google

Get insights into the topics for your article; find the widest audience; let your voice be heard.

Target the Medium.com topics so that your article gets the most readership

Make the most of your writing on Medium by knowing which topics you should choose to target the exact audience with the most readership.

Become a well-read writer on Medium

Gain more followers by writing for topics that the largest number of people are reading