Maxiumiser Desktop Download and Installation (version 1.2.0)

Version history

Version 1.2.0 (Lastest version)

~ Updated Author evaluator to include recent activity: Last published and publishing activity

Version 1.1.1

~ Minor bug fixes and layout updates to clean up the interface.
~ Added in splashscreen
~ Ability to add custom topics for professional users

Version 1.0.0 (Initial release)

Released the initial version - the ultimate companion to grow your followers by interacting with new authors and stories:
~ Author evaluator
~ Story evaluator
~ Topic Selector
~ Settings
~ Subscription

Download the Windows Installer

Download and Installation

Double click theMaxiumiserDesktop.msi installer which will take you through the process.

Click on the Next button

Select your installation directory (the default directory is fine) and click on the Next button

Click on the Install button

Wait for the installer to finish

Click on the Finish button

Once installed, click on the Maxiumiser Desktop in the Windows menu, or from the desktop shortcut if you chose to add one.

The Maxiumiser Desktop Application can be found in
Windows Menu ->
All programs ->
Synapticloop ->

Uninstalling Maxiumiser Desktop

Using the installer

If you still have the MaxiumiserDesktop.msi installer, double click on it to take you through the process.

Click on the Remove button

Click on the Remove button

Wait for the uninstall to complete

Using the add/remove programs from the control panel

open the Windows Control Panel, click on
Programs and Features ->
Search for MaxiumiserDesktop ->
Right click and selectUninstall

Apple MacOS

Download and Installation

In your downloads folder you will see the following disk image icon

Double click theMaxiumiserDesktop.dmg disk image.

Drag the MaxiumiserDesktop application to the Applications folder.

Navigate to the MaxiumiserDesktop in your Applications folder and double-click the icon.

Upgrading Maxiumiser Desktop

Aftre you have downloaded the disk image and double-clicked it. Drag it to the Applications folder

You will see the following message

Click on the Replace button and the new version will be installed

NOTE: Your settings will not be lost, this will just upgrade the application.