Solr is an open source faceted search engine which makes searching a breeze.

Getting started with Solr can be a little bit of an up-hill battle, consequently a tutorial was created to get Solr up and running in as little time as possible. Hopefully along the way, the inner workings of Solr will be revealed so that anybody can implement the faceted search engine.

Why Faceted Search?

There are so many sites out there that have a search engine behind them, yet so few use faceting. With the ease of use and installation of Solr, every site should be using some sort of faceted search engine - and this tome should help you to get up to speed with faceted search.

If you don't know what faceted search is, you should have a look at the 'What is Faceted Search' page first. For everybody else, start with the 'Solr: from Whoa to go' tutorial.