Assuming that you know at least a little bit about ant and registering tasks. This is what it should look like

01: <path id="taskpath">
02:	<fileset dir="${util.lib.dir}">
03: 		<include name="*.jar" />
04: 	</fileset>
05: </path>
07: <target name="test" description="Test this task on this project" depends="jar">
08:	<taskdef name="tagdoc" classname="synapticloop.ant.TagDocTask" classpathref="taskpath" classpath="${dist.dir}/${}.jar" />
09: 	<tagdoc verbose="true" outputDir="tlddocs">
10: 		<fileset dir="src/test/tld">
11: 			<include name="**/c.tld"/>
12: 			<include name="**/fn.tld"/>
13: 			<include name="**/fmt.tld"/>
14: 			<include name="**/sql.tld"/>
15: 			<include name="**/x.tld"/>
16: 		</fileset>
17: 	</tagdoc>
18: </target>

01 to 05: We are registering the classpath to be able to look up all of the information that is needed for displaying methods and fields on the referenced classes.

07: Here is your standard target definition

08: Register the project-filestatistics as a task with the following attributes:

03: Kick of the tagdoc task. This task can have the following attributes.

10 to 16: Define the filesets that the documentation should be generated for.

17: End of the task

18: End of the target

You can download the above snippet tld-javadoc-generator-snippet.txt