TLD JavaDoc Generator

At one point, the current TLD files were probably sufficient.

As time went on, people started to notice inadequacies within the .tld files so cheat-sheets, books, pamphlets and images started to appear which would help developers decipher the information within the tld file.

Unfortunately, this lead to a split within the documentation, you now had both the TLD file and some other output format to change when something was updated.

At synapticloop, we like tag libraries, but we are not too keen on the documentation that comes with them. We believe that all of the information within the TLD should be enough for every developer, and that there shouldn't be a secondary source that is needed to decipher the information.

Borrowing from Java land, we have added annotations to the tld files which help document the tag libraries in greater detail and also allow a nicer output format. We have also re-arranged the descriptor files into a more logical order.

Of course, by doing this we did not want to make the original TLD file any less readable.

That is why we developed the tld javadoc generator, which at the moment outputs gorgeous PDF documents for your tag libraries. And we even updated the TLD files to be a little more intuitive.

Just looking for the documentation?

If you just want the generated PDF file for the Apache Standard Tag libraries, look no further: Complete standard Tag Library Documentation


Ready to get to the good stuff? Both the pre-built ant-task and all of the source code is available.

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example pages

Need to see some output? Here you will find some screenshots of the PDF files that are generated.

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Need some help using the plug-in?

All of the information is readily available and you should be up and running in no time at all.

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