Searching for something...?

Aren't we all...?

Helping your site users to find information easily and quickly is one of the most important aspects of any web site. Unlike other search appliances, 'Solr Panl' leverages the power of the open source Apache Solr faceted search engine. Building on relevancy based keyword searches, Solr allows your users to further refine their results based on facets. 'Solr Panl' leverages the power of Solr to make searching accessible and effortless for everybody.

Are your results egalitarian...?

We believe in access for all. Now, not only can your users easily find information on your site, the big search engines can as well. 'Solr Panl' comes with tools and code that makes it elementary to let the likes of Google, Yahoo! and MSN index more of your site (yes, we built in search engine optimised URLs from the beginning). So whether your users are using your specific site search or one of the large Internet search engines, your results will be available to all.

Rapid Results...!

Sure, we have all seen demonstrations of search appliances, those that WOW the audience. So, you evaluated the options and went out and bought/downloaded the solution which took minutes or hours to do, only to find that the implementation time is somewhere in the weeks or months...

Furthermore, existing search solutions can be difficult to setup, configure, customise and support. This all adds up to money spent in maintaining the solution, not to mention the initial list-price cost of buying commercial solutions before you even start worrying about the feature-set.

No more...!

Gone are the days of long implementation times and large budgets. Time is a commodity that everybody is short on and the quicker that the search is up and running, the quicker you can get back to doing other important things.

Just to show you how easy it is, you can download the following pre-built Panl instances:

Sweet Search...!

Some current search engines provide little more out of the box than just simple, relevancy ranked, paginated search results. Search has moved on, requiring more from your search engine. Sure, you can always configure plugins, modules and special features, however you may find that they may not be as plug-able, modular or 'special' as described.

We, at synapticloop, have come from a web based background and have dealt with many search technologies. We know their limitations and what they should provide as an out-of-the-box solution.

Do you wish you had some of the bells and whistles that are considered first class citizens rather than added on as an afterthought...?

How about:

We also include just enough AJAX-y goodness to add that extra sweetness to your site. We want your search to be a pleasure to use.

Fat Free Foundations...!

We take pride in our work, and we have built this upon the rock solid foundations using a combination of technologies

We appreciate the work of those that come before us, that is why we are also releasing 'Solr Panl' under a friendly Creative Commons license (the only thing you have to do to comply is to give us attribution).

Need Help...?

Sure our search is easy to get up and running, however, everybody needs a little help getting started and understanding how everything is put together. That's why we started to put together some documentation as we were building Solr Panl, after all, the problems we overcame in the beginning is part of the knowledge which you may like to know. Our documentation set includes

Of course if you really want to get your hands dirty, the source code is always available in a separate download.

Ready... Set... Whoa...!

Interested in Solr Panl...?

Seem too good to be true...?

Unfortunately, we are in a closed private beta at the moment, why don't you drop us a line and register your interest in the project...? It'll make the coding monkeys feel appreciated and you will be first in line to receive an update once we are ready to accept more applications.

You may wish to contact us.