Static output

Everything that you see on these pages is statically created and written to the file-system. No dynamic pages are allowed.

What do we mean 'dynamic' pages?

Dynamic pages come in two forms, client-side and server-side.

Client-side dynamic pages are done through JavaScript and are fully supported within the rsscms.

Server-side dynamic pages are processed by some back end system. rsscms does not have a back end component as everything is generated and then published to static HTML. This means that no server side processing can be done once published. For the technical amongst you this means that no request parameters on HTTP GET requests are interpreted, and data POSTed will not be interpreted.


Nothing about this rsscms preclude you from integrating it with other server side dynamic languages. For example, at synapticloop, we use WordPress for our blog - we created a directory for it in rsscms so that the navigation is automatically generated for it, we just didn't publish this link to the static HTML. This gives us the best of both worlds, statically generated content, with links to dynamically generated systems.