No Degree Required

Most CMS products out there require some level of knowledge well beyond what is written in your job description. Furthermore, there is usually a steep learning curve not just for the system but the language that it is implemented in.

Not rsscms.

No I.T. guy required to install and configure it. If you can code HTML, browse the file system, create directories and files, then you can use rsscms.

rsscms is as pared-down as can possibly be made, balancing the needs to remove the repetitive generation of content versus the power of a CMS. We at synapticloop have worked with dozens of CMS products, from the insanely expensive to the free and open source, and rsscms is the one that now powers our site.


Java is required for rsscms to run, if you are going to use this in stand-alone mode then you will also need some sort of servlet container. If you have no idea what a servlet container is, we recommend downloading the bundled version of rsscms. The bundled version contains everything you need, just unzip it and start it up.

For the more technically curious, the source code is always available and can be tinkered with freely. (Of course we made it easy to build the entire system from scratch - just remember the licence that this falls under and away you go.)