As Easy As 1-2-3

Step 1

Install the software. No complex installation screens, no multiple clicking on buttons, no configuration or reading through End-User License Agreements (EULA). Just unzip, start the server and away you go.

Step 2

Create content. By mirroring the URL structure to your operating system's directory structure, it is easy to find and create content. If you need a new page on your site, just create a new directory, create a new file to enter the content and the CMS will automatically updated itself for you. (Of course, both the content and the navigation will be updated instantly, and will always be correct.)

There is no administration consoles to learn, no logins to remember. In fact, if you know how to navigate your file-system, create directories and files - you know how to create content with rsscms.

Step 3

Publish. By clicking on a simple link » publish the site now. You have now published your site to the file-system. All you need to do is to copy these files to your web server and you have a live site!.

And then...

There are no more steps! It was a surprisingly complex process to make something this easy. We at synapticloop have toiled over the codebase for literally days now.

We were looking for a system that was really simple to use, we wanted a CMS that emphasised the content, not management. After the quick installation of the CMS, we found that we toiled longer over the content of the system, than the actual codebase - which is just the way we wanted it.