Features of rsscms

This page is designed to showcase most of the features of rsscms. The template that generated this content is only thirty-four lines long - and thirteen of those lines are blank!

Dynamic, automatic, pervasive...

The majority of the layout, the inclusion of css files, header images and footer were all dynamically included from the same place. If the footer text gets updated, all of the footer text, on all of the pages are updated - instantly, automatically and pervasively. Of course, not everybody has the same needs so we made it easy for you to configure it just the way you like.


You will notice the navigation system in the header area, all in order, with our current navigation item highlighted. Add another directory in the right place and it will instantly and automatically appear on all of the relevant pages.


Underneath the navigation are the breadcrumbs, from the root of the site (or 'level 0') to the current page, dynamically generated, and always showing the correct way home.


On the left is the hierarchical list of pages from the first level of the site to the current page, also showing all of the sub-navigation for the next level of the site. Once again, dynamically generated, and always correct. Never get lost again!


And below is an example of the dynamic content that is pulled in from each of the sub directories. Notice how the heading 'as easy as 1-2-3' and the link Read more about 'as easy as 1-2-3' » all say the same thing?

If you were to update the navigation-title.html file in the easy-as-1-2-3/ directory, these items would change as well, ... automatically, instantly, on all pages that reference it.

Secret squirrel...

A hidden feature that is not obvious to you is that this page is generated with its own template file, instead of the one at the root of the site, yet all of its childrens' pages will use the root site template. If that made no sense to you, don't worry, it will once you understand the power and ease of the templating system.

as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Install rsscms.
  2. Create structure and content.
  3. Publish content.

'nuff said

Read more about 'as easy as 1-2-3' »

light weight

No huge installation necessary and runs in a minimum amount of RAM. The only thing that isn't light weight about it is the documentation which comes with every installation.

At just under 200Kb for all code, configuration and content, you just can't get much more light weight than that.

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work the way you want

rsscms allows you to use your tool-set to work the way the you are used to. It doesn't have a built in editor, media management system or content browser. You use the tools that you are most comfortable with, rsscms gets out of your way - letting you to get on with creating content, not managing a system.

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no degree required

Although there are a few concepts to get your head around, rsscms was designed to be used by almost everybody. If you can code HTML, you can use rsscms, no computer science degree required.

Read more about 'no degree required' »

static output

Designed from the ground up to output static HTML, just as you coded it. All that is required is to copy it over to your live site and away you go.

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file system based

rsscms URL structure mirrors the directory structure of your file-system. This means that the URL on the site can be easily mapped to your rsscms installation. No more hunting around a back-end data entry system.

As a side effect, this also makes your URLs more search engine optimisation (SEO) friendly.

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template driven

No more monotonously typing out the same markup over, and over, and over, ... well you get the idea. For each page rsscms separates the boring/non-changing markup from the changing content.

rsscms allows content to be dynamically included through the use of templates. Furthermore, for added flexibility, templates can be defined for a specific page or for a specific hierarchy of pages.

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minimal configuration

rsscms will work straight out of the box without any tweaking of the configuration. Of course there is always the option to make rsscms work a little bit more like what you're used to.

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