Eager to get going?

Already have a servlet container?

If you already know what a servlet container is and you already have one, then the smallest and easiest download is the synapticloop rsscms 'Stand-Alone' package.

Warning: The stand-alone version weights in at a whopping 91Kb in size, it may very well be downloaded before you have a chance to click the download link!

Need something pre-packaged?

This is a larger download and includes the Apache Tomcat Servlet Container with everything ready to go. The synapticloop rsscms with bundled Apache Tomcat package is the choice for you.

Warning: The Tomcat bundled with this is version of rsscms is 6.0.18 and the download link weighs in at around the 5.5Mb size. Before redistributing this bundled version, please be aware that Apache Tomcat operates under a different license from rsscms.

For the technically curious.

The source code is available here: synapticloop rsscms source code. To build the cms from scratch requires Apache Ant and a bit of technical know-how.

Now what ...?

See our quick start guide to get rsscms up and running.