Intoducing synapticloop rsscms

If we deconstruct the title and tag line of 'rsscms':

really simple
Something that is not just simple to use, but really simple to use.
Output of static HTML
content management system
Easy to create and manage content.

And besides, what other product that you know of is made up of 100% buzzwords?


rsscms works straight out of the box, generates your navigation and content dynamically.

No more hand duplication of that pesky navigation bar, no more generating breadcrumbs, no more writing the same mark-up over and over and over.

Best of all it is completely free - source code and all - provided that you agree to the follow the very liberal creative commons license.

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why another cms

Creating even a simple site with a dozen or so pages with a hierarchical navigation can mean a lot of duplicated HTML mark-up. This slows down the developer and makes life a lot less fun.

We, at synapticloop suffer from the same problem and have been looking for a CMS that has the following properties:

Finding none on the market that did exactly what we wanted , it was time to roll up our sleeves and put our skills and grey matter together.

We didn't want complex templates (powerful - yes - but without the complexities), workflows, large server installs, dependencies, databases - basically anything that got in the way of producing content. It may not be the CMS for everybody, but it is now the CMS that powers synapticloop.

The closest thing to HTML that you can get.

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