Project file statistics

The project file statistics takes the tedium out of hand counting the number of lines in a file! No more...!

This was a tiny project that generates a nice statistical output about the content of project files and integrates nicely with ant - or not if you prefer.

This was just one of the many 'itchs' that we wanted to scratch.


Ready to get to the good stuff? Both the pre-built ant-task and all of the source code is available.

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Need some examples to whet your appetite? Look no further..

Built into the task are reporters that output to

  1. The console,
  2. The file-system

And to a number of formats

  1. Images
  2. HTML
  3. Plain text formats

Of course you can always define your own formats.

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Need some help using the plug-in?

All of the information is readily available and you should be up and running in no time at all.

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custom reporters

Don't like the current reporting output?

Want to define your own?

It is easy to add your own custom reporters to output the exact details that you want. As all of the source code is available, you have a wide range of examples from which to borrow.

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