synapticloop projects

Below you will find some of our projects for your perusal and approval.

Java projects


rsscms is a really simple static content management system which allows you to concentrate on generating content, rather than managing a system. The CMS separates the repetitive mark-up from the actual content and generates the common links (e.g. navigation, next/previous page) based on the directory structure.

All content for this site was generated using rsscms and amongst other things, it is:

and best of all

If you can code in HTML, you can use rsscms.

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solr panl

solrpanl is a free Subject to the very liberal creative commons license plug-in for Apache Solr.

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project file statistics

Project file statistics is an ant plug-in that gives a very brief overview of the number of code, comments and blank lines that are within the source tree. Outputting to the console, or file(s) or both, it provides a quick overview at what is going on in any source tree.

It comes pre-configured to recognise the following file types (amongst others):

Of course we made it easy to add all of those other files that you need and use on a regular basis.

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tld javadoc generator

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A super-secret development project... shhhh!!!

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javadoc 2.0

Isn't it about time that JavaDoc was pulled kicking and screaming into the Web 2.0 world? JavaDoc doesn't seem to want to support all of the shiny new goodies available to any self-respecting web developer...

Until now...


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