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(Please excuse the html - the monkeys are working hard to update it)

You are looking at an example of synapticloop Panl search. Panl is built on the open source faceted search engine Solr and makes it super-easy to generate SEO friendly search results pages.

This is just an example of an image search results page which has been spidered and uploaded. You will notice that you can click on any of the links and they work - just like a normal page. From these 46 images with their facets, two thousand, four hundred and ninety five pages were created, which represents the number of different ways your user can get to the result that they want!

Nice! - a faceted search engine with no search engine behind it

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openphotonet_Maple_Leaves.jpg SolrDocument[{d=11, w=Massive, c=[all, images], h=Large, b=24, pk=12, i=true, m=11, u=Still, Y=72dpi, all=[openphotonet_Maple_Leaves.jpg, james jones, nature, leaves, orange, red], y=2007, T=[james jones, nature, leaves, orange, red], N=openphotonet_Maple_Leaves.jpg, e=jpg, X=72dpi}]