This page is for writings that are too long for specific posts – more paginated articles than specific posts.

SEO Article

First up is an article that I have been meaning to write for a long, long time.

  1. SEO Friendly URL Encoding for Search Results
    1. The Site Search Appliance
    2. Type 0 – Request Parameters
    3. Segue into URL binding
    4. Type 1 – Throwaway URLs with Request Parameters
    5. Type 2 – Parsing Hint Positional URLs
    6. Type 3 – Hard-coded Positional Parameters
    7. Type 4 – Positional Parameters with Encoded Parsing Hints
    8. Type 5 – Extra Information Positional Parameters with Encoded Parsing Hints
    9. Encoding Type Showdown
    10. Final Note

Next up I will be writing a tutorial for installing SOLR and getting it up and running:

  1. SOLR – from whoa to go