2. Custom Javascript

So now we have got the preferences set, saved and retrievable – time to delve into the effects that we want. Originally I wanted two effects,

  1. Smooth Scrolling
  2. Footnote popup

However, I found that the pre-requisites were already getting a little out of hand (scriptaculous and prototype are needed) so I just stuck with the first option. Maybe in version 1.1 I can add the lightbox/popup/hovering or somesuch.

There is a nice plugin that adds scriptaculous and prototype – however it is a little out of date – so I repackaged it here:


This is based on the wp-scriptaculous plugin – the original will not work

You need to upload it to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory and activate it. Once it is done, you will also need to upload the new and improved footnotes-reloaded_v10 file.