WordPress Footnote Plugin Extension

The current footnote plugin FD Footnote does a pretty good job – from the usage page:

Adding footnotes to a post is simple. Just type them inline in your post in square brackets like this:

[1. This is a footnote]

Each footnote must have a number followed by a period and a space and then the actual footnote. They don’t have to be unique but it is recommended. It doesn’t matter what the numbers are since the footnotes will be automatically renumbered when the post is displayed.

For the following markup:

Which creates nice footnotes[1. See how easy it was]

Would look like this:

Which creates nice footnotes1

I already had to hack the code so that my styling of the h3 element and the ‘Footnotes:’ designation was included whenever a footnote was found within the page – this was relatively easy. But there should be more:

  • I would like to be able to click on the link, and through AJAX/HIJAX pop up a non-modal window with the footnote.
  • I would like to be able to output something on top of the footer section, and something below the footer section – just in case.
  • Smooth scrolling option.
  • I would like an option panel to control all of this.2

The reasoning behind the clicking on the footnote link and having a non-modal window pop up is to save everybody from the jittery effect of moving between the actual text and the footnote.

As with everything that I am trying to understand – the best thing for me is to write a tutorial3. So up next will be the journey through writing a WordPress plugin and getting everything working sufficiently4.


  1. See how easy it was
  2. Having read through the author’s post I can see that he is not entirely impressed with using control panels – he is correct in saying that having an options panel will lead to many and various options being placed there and the key to the plugin is simplicity! Nevertheless – this is the joy of open source!
  3. no need mon freres a good tutorial is already hosted, exploring all of the intricate details of plugins and how to get them set up.[2. I do have a substantial amount of time on my hands
  4. I figured I may as well do as many footnotes as possible on the Footnote extension page

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