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Well, Firstly, Yes, I have been remiss with my updates, so hopefully this will fill in the blanks a little bit. The iPhone update I successfully launched an iPhone app – not a complex application – the next one should have more boom! to it. I expect that this happens with all computer geeks, the […]

Running a WordPress installation – what you might need

Now that I am reasonably comfortable using WordPress, I though I would go through what I have found to be very useful plugins for managing and enhancing any installation. (Done in alphabetical order). Fold Page List Background:The WordPress blogging engine is made up of two distinct article types namely ‘posts’ and ‘pages’. This just happens […]

‘Click here’ considered harmful

This phrase has been trotted out a million times. Consider the two paragraphs below: WOW! – The new l33t hax0r programme is now available. Download this l33t c0d3 NOW! versus WOW – The new l33t hax0r programme is now available. To download this l33t c0d3 NOW! Click here. Apart from probably a poor choice in […]

Open Source – the Finishing Touches

As I see it, the glory of open source is that (compared to closed or proprietary source): “We are like dwarfs sitting on the shoulders of giants. We see more, and things that are more distant, than they did, not because our sight is superior or because we are taller than they, but because they […]

Final Note

Firstly, thank you for (hopefully) sticking with me on this rather long journey through SEO encoding methods for search results. I hope that it has been worth it! As a final note, I hope that the previous pages of the tome have given some insight into the thought that needs to go into a search […]

Encoding Type Showdown

All of the criteria used to evaluate the the different encoding types are placed in the positive, so that a mark against the criteria can be considered as a bad thing. In the redundant information column, a percentage of the information that is redundant, with the base line being the type 0 encoding technique set […]

Type 5 – Extra Information Positional Parameters with Encoded Parsing Hints

There may be cases to increase SEO friendliness where extra information is encoded into the URL where the encoded positional parameters are parsed and decoded first before passing them on to the SSA. I will focus on two examples, although there are many that could be included within this document. Additional text In the first […]

Type 4 – Positional Parameters with Encoded Parsing Hints

At this point, we really have to look at the SEO part in greater detail as I am presenting some rules for SEO which this encoding type should satisfy. Going through the SEO checklist in presented in the previous page: Offer maximum keyword density. Have ‘more relevant1‘ keywords closer to the hostname part of the […]

Type 3 – Hard-coded Positional Parameters

Hopefully it should be obvious now that we are gradually building on encoding methods looking at ways to increase the SEO friendliness of URLs. In this encoding type, we are looking at removing some of the redundant information of the previous “Type 2” encoding whilst increasing the keyword density of the URL. Building upon our […]

Type 2 – Parsing Hint Positional URLs

This type of encoding basically replaces the ampersands (‘&’) and equals signs (‘=’) with forward slashes (‘/’) to reveal a URL like the following.   query/super/   cat/action/   cat/drama/   edition/special/   num/25/   sort/price/ To decode this type you would break up the URL by forward slashes with the nth argument being the key and the n+1th argument […]

Segue into URL binding

Whilst this should be relatively known to people with any web application development experience, this brief segue lays the foundations for SEO friendliness and will be used for all subsequent encoding types. The (correct) use of URL binding will increase SEO and readability of URLs which should increase SEO rankings. What is URL binding Rather […]

Type 0 – Request Parameters

Named Type 0 as there really isn’t any SEO friendly encoding, this method relies on the base URL with request parameters only. So, starting with the following search parameters: The title and/or body text contains the term ’super’ – i.e. the query string is ’super’ The DVD must be in the category of ‘action’ and […]


This page is for writings that are too long for specific posts – more paginated articles than specific posts. SEO Article First up is an article that I have been meaning to write for a long, long time. SEO Friendly URL Encoding for Search Results The Site Search Appliance Type 0 – Request Parameters Segue […]

Type 1 – Throwaway URLs with Request Parameters

Type 1 encoding is probably the easiest to implement in the shortest time frame. The URL may have extra path information to provide more SEO friendly access, whilst not disturbing any of the query parameters. Having bound the SSA to /search/* any extra URL path information is discarded and processing continues with the request parameters. […]


A list of projects that I would like1 to write. Tag library documentation generator in PDF – now in the works NOW COMPLETED SOLR faceted search plugin and deployment – DOCUMENTATION NOW AVAILABLE. iPhone store finder WordPress Footnote Plugin extension VERSION 1.1 RELEASED Automatic dummy data insertion for MySQL databases iPhone SQLite3 hibernate type generation […]