Apr 15 2009

css/javascript footnotes

With the release of rsscms, I wanted to duplicate the footnotes that I have here in WordPress. Thanks to the magic of scriptaculous and prototype – it is relatively easy to do. As always with any JavaScript related solution, it also needs to be backwards compatible with those users who have turned off, or have […]

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Mar 12 2009

Are Blogs Content Management Systems?

In my mind, there are four types of websites, with the edges pretty much blurred. Static – i.e. Brochure-ware Systems Data Management Systems Content Management Systems Blogs I will go through each of them and show where the lines are blurred. Static/Brochure-ware As the name would imply, static sites are plain old HTML pages served […]

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Nov 20 2008

Credit card expiry date drop down lists

why on earth would you put a list like this jan feb mar … Nov Dec I have seen this on a number of sites – looking at every credit/debit card I have ever owned the expiry date is always in number form – e.g. 08/2019 etc. With autocomplete of drop down lists once you […]

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Nov 10 2008

‘Click here’ considered harmful

This phrase has been trotted out a million times. Consider the two paragraphs below: WOW! – The new l33t hax0r programme is now available. Download this l33t c0d3 NOW! versus WOW – The new l33t hax0r programme is now available. To download this l33t c0d3 NOW! Click here. Apart from probably a poor choice in […]

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Nov 10 2008

SEO Friendly URLs and Search Appliances

This is one of those posts that I have been meaning to write for a long time now. It is a very long post, and not really able to be read on a single page. I have looked into pagination for posts, however it seems that this is only really for paging between posts, not […]

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Nov 1 2008

The Problems With Blogs

I guess you could say that it is kind of ironic that my first post is about the problems with blogs, however I will enumerate some of the things that let me lead with this headline. As an overview: Privacy issues Lack of viewer categorisation Tagging and search functionality Let us start with the first […]

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