Feb 20 2011

On ReSiSt-cms

As always, most things are not straight forward. Take for instance ReSiSt-cms – the title of this post. The product was coming along quite nicely until a screenshot was required for the Windows look and feel at which point disaster struck! In coding land if you want to have a paragraph (or some words strung […]

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Apr 14 2009

synapticloop rsscms

Apart from a few long ‘mini-break’ weekends, rsscms is finally self-aware. The site is now running on the light-weight CMS although the code has yet to make it across. More updates will follow as soon as possible.

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Apr 1 2009

Introducing synapticloop rsscms

Unfortunately, today is not the day to launch a new CMS (Damn you April Fools) – soon we will see the launch of synapticloop rsscms… with a completely re-designed home page. rsscms is a really simple static content management system. Deconstructing the title ‘rsscms’: really simple Something that is not just simple to use, but […]

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Feb 19 2009

Where are my Function Pointers ?

Java doesn’t have function pointers – in fact Java doesn’t have pointers at all. Certainly this is true if you ignore the fact that underneath everything, the implementation is pretty much all pointer based. Taken from a Joel on Software Article: The Perils of JavaSchool If I may be so brash, it has been my […]

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Feb 13 2009

Tag Library Documentation Generator

Well, Firstly, Yes, I have been remiss with my updates, so hopefully this will fill in the blanks a little bit. The iPhone update I successfully launched an iPhone app – not a complex application – the next one should have more boom! to it. I expect that this happens with all computer geeks, the […]

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Nov 26 2008

Development thoughts

I like the phrase: throwing a monkey wrench into the machinery is a necessary act to make the machinery better Which I purloined from this interesting story How I learned to stop worrying and love Andrew Keen. Not that the story was that interesting, just the ideas presented within it. This struck a chord with […]

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