Nov 13 2008

Running a WordPress installation – what you might need

Now that I am reasonably comfortable using WordPress, I though I would go through what I have found to be very useful plugins for managing and enhancing any installation. (Done in alphabetical order). Fold Page List Background:The WordPress blogging engine is made up of two distinct article types namely ‘posts’ and ‘pages’. This just happens […]

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Nov 10 2008

Footnotes re-Reloaded

Version one point one is now available with greater support for smooth scrolling. The code was cleaned up a little bit and is in use on this site! I also removed any of the options and gave a nice warning message to those who have not installed the wp-scriptaculous plugin. You can get it here: […]

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Nov 5 2008

Footnotes Reloaded v1.0 Released

Yes, the time has come to release some code. The Footnotes Reloaded plugin is based on the original fd-footnotes code. For more information about the plugin /blog/projects/wordpress-footnote-plugin-extension/footnotes-reloaded/ You will notice that this site now uses the updated plugin which has smooth scrolling, rather than the jerky jumping to/from the footnotes. As an added bonus, the […]

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