Feb 20 2011

On ReSiSt-cms

As always, most things are not straight forward. Take for instance ReSiSt-cms – the title of this post. The product was coming along quite nicely until a screenshot was required for the Windows look and feel at which point disaster struck! In coding land if you want to have a paragraph (or some words strung […]

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Jan 7 2011

On The Native Mac File System

By default the Macintosh uses the Mac OS Extended (Journaled) filesystem as the default when installed (and indeed, when it comes fresh from the factory). Whilst this nice enough, as a developer and long time *NIX user I always prefer to use a case sensitive filesystem. This is particularly important when you are naming things […]

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Jan 6 2011

On Chrome Incognito Mode

Whilst it can be said that ‘Incognito’ Mode is best used for ‘nefarious’ browsing of the nether regions of the internet… I just discovered that it is the perfect cure for browser caching when in development mode. I am currently working on a brochure-ware site that is pure text and images, no interactivity needed. I […]

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Aug 29 2010

Programming the Velleman k8048 pic micro on Mac OS X

Deciding to get back into pic programming after a long break of 5 years or so. My previous set up was a very old Windows machine which i bought for $100 purely for the serial output port. Of course the Apple gave up on serial ports a long time ago to replace them with USB […]

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Jun 8 2010

XML + YAML = iTunes XML

Definitions: XML: eXtensible Markup Language XML is the lingua franca of data transfer used in almost every situation that a computer geek can think of. It was designed to be both a human and machine readable format and does the job quite nicely. An example of XML is as follows: <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?> <root> <element […]

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Apr 16 2009

Why there is no such thing as ‘knowing XML’

In many and various job postings/applications there is a little bullet point that says Requires knowledge of XML As far as I am concerned, if you can spell ‘x’ ‘m’ ‘l’ you know it. This isn’t really the case of course, to know XML you need to know the following: Well-formed-ness Valid Well-formed XML contains […]

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Apr 14 2009

synapticloop rsscms

Apart from a few long ‘mini-break’ weekends, rsscms is finally self-aware. The site is now running on the light-weight CMS although the code has yet to make it across. More updates will follow as soon as possible.

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Nov 26 2008

Development thoughts

I like the phrase: throwing a monkey wrench into the machinery is a necessary act to make the machinery better Which I purloined from this interesting story How I learned to stop worrying and love Andrew Keen. Not that the story was that interesting, just the ideas presented within it. This struck a chord with […]

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Nov 5 2008

Footnotes Reloaded v1.0 Released

Yes, the time has come to release some code. The Footnotes Reloaded plugin is based on the original fd-footnotes code. For more information about the plugin /blog/projects/wordpress-footnote-plugin-extension/footnotes-reloaded/ You will notice that this site now uses the updated plugin which has smooth scrolling, rather than the jerky jumping to/from the footnotes. As an added bonus, the […]

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