Feb 20 2011

On ReSiSt-cms

As always, most things are not straight forward. Take for instance ReSiSt-cms – the title of this post. The product was coming along quite nicely until a screenshot was required for the Windows look and feel at which point disaster struck! In coding land if you want to have a paragraph (or some words strung […]

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Mar 13 2009

XML/XSLT and Extensibility

Continuing my thread of CMS investigations – I am currently searching for a CMS that will do what I want to do. Part of the problem is that I have worked with far too many CMS products which are great for client sites, but not so much for my itty-bitty site. Yes, the argument could […]

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Mar 12 2009

Are Blogs Content Management Systems?

In my mind, there are four types of websites, with the edges pretty much blurred. Static – i.e. Brochure-ware Systems Data Management Systems Content Management Systems Blogs I will go through each of them and show where the lines are blurred. Static/Brochure-ware As the name would imply, static sites are plain old HTML pages served […]

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