On Chrome Incognito Mode

Whilst it can be said that ‘Incognito’ Mode is best used for ‘nefarious’ browsing of the nether regions of the internet…

I just discovered that it is the perfect cure for browser caching when in development mode. I am currently working on a brochure-ware site that is pure text and images, no interactivity needed. I implemented a nice javascript lightbox through jquery and one of the images refused to load properly.

I do not like having to clear my history/cookies/cache/settings just to get things to work as I also use Chrome for personal browsing. So I just nip into incognito mode and ‘hey presto’ everything works as expected. Very nice indeed.

For development I find Chrome to be the quickest to load and render. For more intense debugging, I load up good ole Firefox, make myself a coffee and sip it greedily whilst it bounces in the dock. Then into firebug I settle.

It is a rare day that I slip into Safari, having set the default browser to be Chrome a long time ago.

The only feature that I find missing in Chrome, to which I have to return to Safari on the odd occasion is the ‘Reader’ mode which is just fantastic. There seem to be a proliferation of sites out there that (I guess) are trying to boost their page hit numbers by having the oddest idea that for every one or two paragraphs of content, they need to put in a page break. For this I am eternally grateful for Safari.

Otherwise, Chrome is the way forward.

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