Schweppes, you are Dead to me!

One of my most treasured memories of childhood would be when I was either sick 1, at my grandparents, or out at a restaurant and I would be served real Schweppes Lemonade. If I was really lucky, I would get to have a ‘pink’ lemonade which was generally good ‘ole Schweppes lemonade with grenadine!

There was something about the sugary sweet drink which I still crave to this day.

So there I was in the supermarket looking for a hit of the good ‘ole stuff. Previously I had made the mistake of buying their ‘SlimLine’ product which contains artificial sweeteners – and when I got home I just had to throw the bottle away.

Why don’t they just put a big sign on the side of the bottle that reads something along the lines;

Hey Fatty! You should drink this one, which isn’t as bad for you Glucose Index-wise, but tastes worse than the original (don’t worry you soon won’t notice the difference2)

So making sure that I picked up the correct (non-‘SlimLine’) bottle this time, I decided to read the label. It said, and I quote:

No added sugars

Odd, I thought, perhaps they were emphasising that they weren’t adding any more sugar than was absolutely necessary???

On further inspection, I read the ingredient list and noticed that they had managed to slip in some Aspartame/Artificial sweeteners.


So, now I have a choice between LOTS of artificial sweeteners and SOME artificial sweeteners.

Perhaps they should now write on their labels:

You cannot be trusted to keep your sugar intake at a reasonable level, so we will decide for you.

Yes, Schweppes, you are dead to me, you have lost my custom – which means little to you, but a lot to me.


So, to sum up – thanks Schweppes for killing off the memories and ensuring that I never pass on these memories to my grandchildren. I look forward to never drinking your products again 3.


Looks like they have killed of their truly excellent Tonic Water as well!


  1. being sick was not the treasured memory
  2. In fact it takes about two weeks of drinking the swill for your taste-buds to adjust and you wouldn’t notice the difference
  3. And this upsets me greatly

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