Mar 28 2009

Blog Dead

That about says it all folks – the blog is dead – well, obviously if you are reading this, the blog is alive again, but just the blog part of it died. It seems that the .htaccess file got corrupted – I am looking at you wp-supercache!

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Mar 25 2009

Mr. Ballmer Is On To Something

In a recent article Media.Summit.New.York Steve Ballmer said the following: Apple gained about one point, but now I think the tide has really turned back the other direction. The economy is helpful. Paying an extra $500 for a computer in this environment—same piece of hardware—paying $500 more to get a logo on it? I think […]

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Mar 24 2009

Back To School

As a side bar to this – this is what I have dubbed a Meta-Post a post about the process of posting a blog piece. I have always been intrigued by the writing process – and in fact I have a piece that I am waiting to publish on ‘How Long Does it Take to […]

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Mar 17 2009

What Should An Enterprise Search Engine Have

Simple question, here is my list, in no particular order Cost-Effective Faceted Search SEO Friendly URLs Logging Easy Installation Easy Deployment Java Based ‘Smart’ AJAXy Suggestions Result Snippets Security/Privacy Plug-able Architecture (with default popular searches) Automatic Sorting Automatic Pagination Number of Results Per Page Selection Cost-Effective There are many search engines out there, both commercial […]

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Mar 13 2009

XML/XSLT and Extensibility

Continuing my thread of CMS investigations – I am currently searching for a CMS that will do what I want to do. Part of the problem is that I have worked with far too many CMS products which are great for client sites, but not so much for my itty-bitty site. Yes, the argument could […]

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Mar 12 2009

Are Blogs Content Management Systems?

In my mind, there are four types of websites, with the edges pretty much blurred. Static – i.e. Brochure-ware Systems Data Management Systems Content Management Systems Blogs I will go through each of them and show where the lines are blurred. Static/Brochure-ware As the name would imply, static sites are plain old HTML pages served […]

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Mar 11 2009


A phrase that I am frequently starting my blog post with is: “I am finding it increasing difficult to sit down and put my thoughts onto paper1 not necessarily because of lack of time, more due to a lack of motivation.” Admitting that you have a problem is half the solution, the other half took […]

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Mar 5 2009

Safari Refresh Button

UPDATE This no longer works for Safari 4.0 – sorry After reading a recent post on Daring Fireball about the problems with the Safari Tabbed interface present in Safari 4, it reminded me of a quibble that I have of my own. The new tabs always annoyed be, so from the minute that I started […]

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