The Week in Review

I know that we are all excited and anxious to hear all about the adventures in London, so here goes:

The first leg of the flight (Sydney to Singapore) was very nice indeed – Boeing 747 – had a whole row to myself and slept quite nicely thank you very much.

The second leg (Sydney to London) was not as much fun – AirBus A380 – yes, the plane was nice and it was good to see, however I think everybody likes to travel on this leg. This was specially chosen to get me in at 5:55am which is the best for the customs officers to get straight through with little or no wait (or so I thought)

Immigration were their lovely selves, although I was stopped and questioned about my Visa. Getting through the process took about 30 minutes and I was through and clear and into the good ole land of milk and honey.

The job market, whilst depressed, is still relatively buoyant for the permanent market, the contracting market is dead as a doorknob. Consequently I have much time to write blog entries and code my side projects.

So there you are – a quick update!

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